The Agnes Irwin School is a storied Philadelphia institution and a national leader in girls’ education, founded by Benjamin Franklin’s great, great granddaughter. But the School is so much more than its history. As AIS approaches its 150th anniversary, it partnered with Mindpower to tell the story of who it is today, from stellar academics, to innovative programs and curriculum, to the important work being done by the Center for the Advancement of Girls.

To support Agnes Irwin’s dedication to the future of girls’ education, we created messaging for the Center for the Advancement of Girls. The Center is responsible for ongoing research into how girls learn best and develops partnerships with other leading Philadelphia institutions to offer a continuously improving educational experience specifically designed for girls. 

The branding program included a new institutional visual identity and new owl mascot marks. The institutional identity was inspired by the AIS monogram stitching on Lower School uniforms. Then we created a symbol the whole school can rally around by giving the athletic owl a more formidable pose, balanced with a heart-shaped face. 

To help the School launch its new brand internally, we developed a suite of materials designed to generate excitement among families, faculty, and students.

You know what they say about Agnes Irwin… To help drive applications, we developed a parent piece that elevates the benefits of Agnes Irwin’s all-girl education.

And we developed strategy, ideation, and creative to bring the AIS brand to life on social media through short, compelling, sharable stories that show how Agnes Irwin empowers girls.   

What we did: Brand platform, graphic identity, and social media strategy as well as recruitment materials and website design and content development (in progress)

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