Alma had an excellent track record for offering a mind-blowing, life-changing liberal arts education to bright students from Central Michigan. However, hard economic times and high unemployment rates had the College defending the value of a liberal arts degree. The Solution? Build on Alma’s Scottish heritage and show the world how Plaid Works.

The viewbook cover featured brand rallying messaging.


People at Alma are willing to work for the good of themselves and others. To be authentic, the brand needed to showcase the College’s investment in its community and in the liberal arts.

Mindpower and Alma collaborated on the brand platform, then Alma’s internal communications department ran with it. They explored the new brand in media ranging from recruitment print to outdoor. 

Alma’s extended community lit up social media channels with sightings of the new brand out in the world. 



Results: The brand messaging has been very successful with the campus community and among alumni and donors. Students use the hashtag in their social media posts. And prospective students visit campus already speaking the Plaid Works language.

What we did: Branding, recruitment, alumni engagement

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