Ascende omnem montem: Graland's motto literally translates to "Climb Every Mountain." Mindpower translated the School's essence as "going faster, going further, going higher."

With no shortage of great schools in metro Denver, Mindpower set out to differentiate Graland in a way that's more egalitarian than elitist.

In 7th grade, Graland students sometimes jumped ship to secure a spot in the most competitive high schools, so we helped the School build a case for the power of its PK-8 experience.

We also developed a welcoming shield mark to use in cases where the school's official crest would be too formal.

With the completion of a Brand Concept Toolkit, Mindpower passed the Brand Ambassador baton to Graland's talented in-house staff writers and designers. You can see how they're continuing to go further, greater, and higher at

Results: Applications rose, affording Garland the ability to be more selective. There was a significant increase in the Middle School retention rate. All communications – from print materials to the website to spirit wear – now have a unified, professional look. And the Graland brand guides decisions on managing changes around everything from the curriculum to  professional development and even the campus master plan. Go Graland!


What we did: Brand platform, recruitment materials, web design consulting, brand guidelines

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