We thought so. And we also wondered how much prospective students really care about history. That’s why we positioned Mount Holyoke, with its diverse and international student body and envelope-pushing faculty, as a place that looks forward, not back. It's strength: the ability to NEVER FEAR / CHANGE.

NEVER FEAR / CHANGE is a challenge to the entire Mount Holyoke community to not only face change, but to lead it.

Recruitment materials showed how Mount Holyoke women are leading the charge for change.

All materials spoke directly to MHC community members, challenging them to live the brand in their own way.

Graphic signage introduces visitors to campus to the history and future of Mount Holyoke.

Mindpower designed a responsive website to help Mount Holyoke tell its story online.


And we concepted a highly successful advancement video that supported one of the most powerful campaigns in College history.

The campus launch had the whole MHC community engaged in a conversation about change (and the new recruitment materials implemented social media to engage future students in the movement before they even enroll).

What we did: Brand platform, recruitment materials, fundraising creative strategies, capital campaign video, brand rollout strategies

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