The Twin Cities boast an impressive (and growing) number of Fortune 500 companies and more St. Thomas alumni than any other city in the U.S. There’s never been a more ideal time for the Opus College of Business to join branding forces with the University’s “All for the common good” campaign in order to make a deeper impact and further promote public awareness.

Strong Midwestern roots add value to global business perspectives – and that’s good business. 


Good business is customer-focused – and so is a good MBA. St. Thomas’ programs offer students the flexibility they need to earn an MBA and a curriculum that goes far beyond basics.

Opus graduate degrees have something that its competition can’t claim – a menu-based core, dedicated to the common good, which is co-created and taught by business practitioners and faculty. We highlighted the impact its work is having – not just for students but on the business community in the Twin Cities.

Prospective students consider advanced business degrees to improve their career trajectories but the impact can be far broader – Opus graduates are better managers, decision makers, and leaders. And that’s good business.


What we did: Sub brand platform, digital marketing content, recruitment

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