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St. John's Prep


    Our answer: Take a bold stand for good. After all, couldn’t the world use an extra shot of good right about now?

    We developed a branding campaign to tell Boston-area communities about the GOOD that goes on at St. John’s Prep with a fresh new website as the centerpiece.

    The new suite of materials we created to tell the brand story included a viewbook that captures the spirit of the brotherGOOD.

    For parents and families looking to dive a little deeper, we developed separate materials for the high school and middle school that highlight the unique experience of each. 

    What’s happening: St. John’s Prep went live with GOOD fall 2016. New website. New recruitment materials. And a new way to tell its story. And results? Pretty good, so far. 

    What we did: Brand platform, web design and content, recruitment materials, print advertising





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