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Nonprofits in Historic Times

What are you known for? How is your work changing? Does the story you tell need to change, too?

Yes, it’s still 2020. The longest year ever. And the twists, turns and major shifts will likely continue. We know the impact on non-profits will be long lasting, if not permanent. Maintaining a relevant mission, operating in more sustainable ways, adapting programming and delivery of services, and communicating a strong, clear mission and brand are essential to future success. This year has rattled everyone. But, hopefully, it’s sharpening focus, too. On your essence and greatest strengths. And on what’s most important to the people you serve.


As you plan ahead into 2021, and consider ways to further sharpen your focus, think about:


  • Where mission meets your brand. Not all mission statements read like poetry, and maybe they don’t have to. But they should drive strategic decisions, be known, motivate staff and volunteers, inspire donors, be relevant, and lead to impact. And how well you deliver on that mission defines your brand. So how are you doing in 2020? Are you changing to meet new needs and stay relevant or are you adapting the delivery of your programs and services while remaining true to your mission? Are these temporary changes or part of a necessary evolution? Revisit your mission if you haven’t in a while. Refine it if you must. And by all means continue to enhance your brand equity by delivering on the promise you make to your ambassadors, donors, and people you serve.
  • Telling a better story. As everything around us moves at a dizzying pace, it’s never been more important to make sure the story you’re telling – about the why and who and how – is compelling and true to you. That it stands out among the chatter. The work of non-profits is increasing. And the landscape of competing messages for volunteers, financial support, and membership is as crowded as a super spreader event. So, find the stories that truly move you and show the good you do in the world. Share them often. On social, in video, and virtually.
  • Putting one foot in front of the other. Never give up. Your work is vital. And it requires investment. Of people and financial resources. So, train and hire the right team. Keep asking for support and don’t be apologetic. Your mission is worth it. Seek strategic partnerships and build the right kind of non-profit board – one that can lead with vision through these unprecedented times and beyond. Be resilient and adopt a growth mindset. You’ll do more. Have greater impact. And be one step ahead.


You get the idea. Find that intersection where your mission and brand thrive. Where your value is unmistakable and life changing. Share those stories any way you can.


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