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Brand Culture Saves the Day

In the world of education, campus culture is one of the great differentiators. It’s the, “It just felt right, these are my people” kind of differentiator. It causes people choose you over your competition. It creates community. It’s a collective language. It builds pride, and it’s powerful.

For those of you who are currently away from your physical campuses where so much

of that culture lives and breathes, how do you invite people in to experience it when the

doors are closed?

  • Dust off those core values. Remind people of what they are and, especially during this pandemic, how you’re committed to living up to them. Post a series of stories on social that tie clearly and directly to those values.
  • Ask a famous alum to record a short video about their experience at your institution. Then send it to every single current and admitted student. Better yet, the whole campus. Culture spans generations.

  • Inviting admitted students to join the last few minutes of remote residence hall check-ins that are likely taking place right now. It gives prospects a real look into your culture. And gives current students a chance to say hello to their new classmates.

  • Create a thank-you video or event from current students to all of the support staff across campus. You know, the Miss Della’s of the world that swipe student dining cards – every single day. Put that content up on a repository so the world can see what it’s like to be part of your community.

You get the idea. Your people create your culture. Get them in front of each other any way you can.

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