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Leveraging Social During COVID

People are watching, liking, and sharing on social media like never before. Get in there.

The latest research and news point to skyrocketing increases in screen time, particularly on social channels. For our university clients, that means prospects and their influencers are paying close attention to how institutions are communicating with their current students and community. And as prospects are stuck at home, they’re looking for places where they feel a sense of belonging. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your community feels connected, vibrant, and active – even from afar.

  • Use live videos to bring student leaders and organizations to life on social (FB live, IGTV). Prospective students want to see what life is like at your institution from the student perspective and current students are eager to stay connected with their friends. This is a win-win.
  • Record remote sessions of all kinds – classes, student orgs, study groups, remote hall or team meetings, etc. Leverage that content on social (and beyond). Make it fun.
  • For prospective students, hold live Q and A sessions with key members of your community as a lead up to summer orientation. Student leaders, dean of students, coaches, or alumni.
  • Create tutorials that make the most of the stay-at-home situation. Think: cooking tips, simple home science experiments led by a professor, solo workout ideas from the rec center staff or athletics teams.
  • Conduct polls to see what students are up to in their free time. What shows are they watching? What foods are they eating? What’s their favorite video chat app and why?

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