Michigan Tech


    How do you sell a remote and wintry location to super-smart students who could go to, say, Caltech? You add some edge. Because the fact is, it takes a special kind of person to embrace competitive beard growing. Human dogsledding. And chairlift speed dating.

    We looked at MTU's marketing program from the inside out and the upside down. We helped them rethink everything from their org. chart to their workflow. We did away with the traditional viewbook, opting instead for two much smaller pieces.





    We came up with a plan, using the existing talent pool, to help the MTU's MarComm department function on an agency model.


    So is this recruitment campaign crazy? Or smart? Smart wins. Enrollment grew to its highest level in history (especially with women, minorities, and transfers). And the student profile rose so quickly, the University has already met its 2017 ACT goals.

    What we did: Undergraduate and graduate recruitment campaign strategies, publications, digital solutions, direct marketing, women’s recruitment initiative

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