California State University, Long Beach


    Situation: California State University, Long Beach anchors its community; think 37,000 students, 300,000 alumni, and a possibly unparalleled commitment to its region. It’s a driving force economically, socially, and culturally, but it doesn’t always get the credit it deserves. Our goal? Turn the tide by capturing the University’s optimistic, nothing’s-gonna-stop-us spirit and telling its story in a powerful way.

    Solution: We began by focusing the new visual identity on Long Beach, as the institution’s location is at the heart of its mission and the student experience. Sound travels better over water, so we also turned up the volume on impact – showcasing the big waves the University is making with strong academics, top-notch research, and the power to break down barriers to higher education for its community. And for less formal uses, the “Beach” mark incorporated the campus’ eye-catching Pyramid arena.

    What we did: brand platform, visual identity, brand guidelines



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