Complete Florida

    Problem: Going back to school is scary. Our job: Remove the intimidation factor through the use of first-person stories of real people making it happen. The new website Mindpower developed from the ground up had to be simple, clear, easy to navigate, and compelling for busy adults.

    The new logo conveys warmth, friendliness, and accessibility. 

    How do you reach an audience that doesn’t have a traditional home base? You go where they go: online. Open 24/7, 365 days a year – and whenever a busy working adult is finally free.


    TV and radio spots feature parents and adults working full-time jobs, balancing family, work, life, and going back to college. If they're doing it, so can you.


    Complete Florida is free for state residents and includes personal coaching. We designed an email series highlighting the benefits of having a team that supports you all the way.
    Complete Florida needed a way to reach out to potential business partners. This piece, designed for CEOs, COOs, and HR directors, gives a snapshot of the benefits of having an educated and energized workforce.

    Results: Since the Complete Florida campaign launched, traffic to the website has increased significantly. So has time spent on the site. Four thousand adults have begun an application, more than 3,500 are working with a Complete Florida coach, and 1,263 have enrolled. 

    What we did: Brand platform, graphic identity, web (design and content), video, advertising campaign (including broadcast production), media planning, direct marketing, social media, guidelines

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