Florida Shines


    This brand-new state initiative has big goals for raising college graduation rates and career success. First, it needed to launch and establish a brand ASAP. We started by naming the program and then creating a bold and bright visual identity inspired by the shiniest and brightest object around: the sun. Naturally.

    No name recognition. No success stories. A crowded marketspace. The brand platform and messaging needed to build instant credibility and get college-finding and career-building resources into the hands of Florida citizens. The brand had to be optimistic, engaging, friendly, helpful, and trustworthy.

    The strategy for teaching students, parents, and teachers? Drive everything to a resource-filled digital hub. We developed a responsive website that puts college search and career tools right into the hands of the target audience. Because when they succeed, Florida Shines. 

    With successful brand and website launches under our belt, we’ve moved into Phase II – expanding audience reach. 

    What we did: Brand platform, naming, graphic identity, web (design and content) guidelines  

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