Greater Lehigh Valley Realtors


    Situation: Greater Lehigh Valley Realtors needed to make the case for using a Realtor (and not just their own, but Realtors in general). The online competition was claiming to simplify the process by cutting out the middleman – but there’s nothing “simple” about buying or selling a house. There are finance complexities. Legal loopholes. And sometimes, actual holes. (Hello, original roof.) Buying or selling is a major undertaking and requires a skilled guide.

    Solution: Meet the competitor messaging head on. Using real-life scenarios, the Worth it campaign lays out all the ways using a Realtor makes the customer experience smoother, saner, and more cost-effective. The design is light, bright, and fresh. And the campaign does triple-duty by educating the public, building awareness for GLVR, and strengthening the affiliation between GLVR and their national association. Why would you DIY it? Using a Realtor is always, always Worth it.

    What we did: qualitative research, campaign strategy, creative concept development, tactical recommendations, creative toolkit

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