Harvey Mudd College

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That’s why it teaches top young scientists, mathematicians and engineers to think across disciplines, collaborate, communicate, and understand their impact on society. 


The essential truth Mindpower uncovered: Whether Mudders are engaged in classwork with professors, collaborating on real-world projects, making room for one more at dinner, or devising the next brilliant prank, relationships matter.

Relationships not only speaks to the College's liberal arts core and interdisciplinary learning but also lends itself perfectly to potential donor and alumni communications. In its current campaign, Harvey Mudd is on track to hit its fundraising goal early.

Harvey Mudd doesn't shy away from welcoming women into the STEM fields or from taking a somewhat perverse joy in its challenging curriculum. 



It's not always who you know; sometimes it's who knows you.

Mindpower's relationship with Harvey Mudd mattered, too. As the brand elements came together, we held a daylong workshop on campus with Mudd's communications and marketing team to help them understand the inner workings of their new messaging and visuals.


What we did: Brand platform, graphic identity, recruitment campaign strategy, capital campaign strategy, brand toolkit, brand execution workshops


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