Hendrix College


    Mindpower was hired to create a recruitment campaign that would a) bring the existing Hendrix brand (Be you. Be brilliant.) to life; and b) get Hendrix noticed in new ways. Whatever we did needed to be unapologetically smart. A smidge irreverent. And out of the ordinary.

    An unconventional college deserves an unconventional recruitment campaign. So we started thinking of ways to increase Hendrix’s reach while staying true to its core identity. Our thinking? Leverage personality-a-plenty with social media’s targeted reach. We’re talking social media posts on Facebook and Instagram, paid social ads, and digital advertising.

    We created a slew of emails, postcards, and yes, even print materials. Whatever it takes to elevate this “hidden gem” into cult-like status among the persistently passionate and intensely intellectual.

    One caveat: Hendrix isn’t keen on overblown marketing. Real registers. We focused on real stories of real people doing extraordinarily non-boring things. Like a college president who also happens to be one of the world’s foremost experts on Godzilla. A sophomore fixated on bugs. And a drama kid who studied dancing from a Rockette.

    The results? The Hendrix crew has been hard at work bringing the campaign to life. They’re turning up the heat in their social media with not boring posts about students and profs roaming the world, doing good deeds, and tackling some pretty phenomenal research along the way. The admissions materials are catching eyes at college fairs and the Hendrix admissions team couldn't be more thrilled. 

    What we did: Big picture thinking, recruitment campaign building, photo shoot, recruitment materials, social media ideation, digital advertising


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