When we heard that a local arts organization was looking for help defining their story and promoting their brand, we jumped at the chance. After a decade as an edgy gallery and nonprofit known for their emerging artist residency program, MINT found themselves asking, “Where do we go from here?” We helped them map out a future and update their brand to tell their ever-evolving story in a way that brings MINT to life for experienced art connoisseurs and art novices alike.

    At the core of MINT’s success are the artists who create new ways for people to see and interpret the world around them. So the artists became the centerpiece of MINT’s branding.

    MINT wouldn’t exist without the support of art lovers and collectors. We created a print ad and email strategy to appeal for support by showing what MINT brings to the community.

    Part of MINT’s goal moving forward is to have a bigger presence in and around Atlanta. So we brainstormed potential partnerships for MINT that would engage, involve, and enlighten in person and through social media.

    Mindpower Inc.·901 Bernina Ave NE Unit #3, Atlanta, GA 30307