Meredith College


    Weird fact: when we started working with Meredith, we discovered that many of its students hadn't thought they'd be interested in a single-sex education. They quickly learned that the College wasn't what they'd expected. Meredith College was, in fact, surprisingly strong.

    Mindpower built upon the positioning work done by the College's research partner to develop a brand platform that is both pragmatic and inspiring. Meredith women are into everything from politics to education to medicine to theater. The common denominator: Wherever they go, they go strong.

    With all the brand elements approved, Mindpower began helping Meredith's staff unleash their own mind power. Together we created the College's Brand Book. Then Mindpower stepped back and coached as Meredith created its new viewbook, travel piece, fundraising initiatives, TV commercials, print ads, etc. We couldn't be prouder.

    Strong results: Since the campaign launched, inquiries have grown by 30%, campus visits by 25%, and there was a 7% increase in the number of applicants listing Meredith as their first choice. The College recruited its second-largest freshman class ever, and retention is the highest its been in more than a decade. Social media communities have increased 63%. And Meredith has completed its most successful fundraising campaign in College history, That’s what we'd call going strong!

    What we did: Brand platform, recruitment marketing strategy, brand launch and rollout, transition workshops and consulting

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