Pace University


    Situation: From its very beginning, Pace has been all about connecting students to career opportunities. For more than a century, the University had been doing exactly that, while quietly expanding its offerings and strengthening its already-notable programs. The problem? In a noisy New York market, Pace was getting drowned out. Multiple campuses (offering very different experiences) added to the challenge of carving out reputational space.

    Solution: We elevated what Pace does by elevating who Pace does it for. The research pointed toward an overarching sense of purpose: Pace students are uniquely end-game focused and driven to achieve their goals. The GO-GETTERS brand captures that energy and optimism, unifies Pace’s diverse student body, and celebrates the University’s ability to launch students on an upward trajectory. It also positions Pace as driving the conversation – infusing energy and innovation in to business, technology, environmental law, and more.

    Results: Life is pretty good at Pace University. It just won its 18th annual College Fed Challenge run by the Federal Reserve System. And, despite Covid, Pace also brought home its biggest new class of first-year students ever. That’s EVER.

    What we did: comprehensive brand study, brand strategy, brand concept, logo development, brand implementation, brand and social media guidelines, brand training and consultation, COVID communications, photography, video production including brand anthem and storytelling series, enrollment materials, environmental design, web design and messaging consultation, visit center welcome presentation, brand awareness campaign including digital, transit, OTT/CTV, out-of-home, and radio

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