Spelman College


    Situation: Spelman was known for excellence. The problem? Not enough people understood exactly how that excellence played out. Despite deep wells of brand equity, Spelman was lacking awareness around some of the College’s most notable initiatives (all the incredible things they were doing in STEM, with entrepreneurship, and at the intersection of art and innovation). To further complicate matters, the College’s many departments and divisions were off and running in all different brand directions. Mindpower was tasked with helping Spelman speak with one voice – unifying and simplifying the College’s overall visual identity system, while developing visual identities and messaging for three key sub brands.

    Solution: We started with wide-ranging research that was inclusive of many audiences, and from there tackled a multitude of departments and projects – from overall institutional identity to new certificate programs to programs that support re-accreditation. During qualitative research, we heard (repeatedly) that Spelman “[was] steeped in tradition but not stuck in it.” We knew the Spelman brand needed to speak to the College’s past, present, and future. The Spelman Woman breaks down outdated notions of what it means to be a Spelman College student, while elevating all she is able to accomplish. And honoring all the incredible women who have gone before her. There’s no one “type”: the Spelman Woman of today is complex. Courageous. Fearlessly intelligent and unwilling to be defined by anyone else’s expectations.

    Results: Spelman has a powerful platform that reflects who they are and all they do well. There is visual consistency that tracks across programs and departments as well as a clear roadmap for moving forward. The strength and power of the Spelman legacy serve as the backdrop, but this Spelman is entirely future-focused. And taking its rightful place as a major mover, shaker, and culture-shaper in the city of Atlanta.

    What we did: Comprehensive brand study; brand strategy; brand concept; brand guidelines; visual identity for the College and three key sub-brands (eSpelman, Spelman Ascends, and Spelman Pathways); messaging framework for sub-brands

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