The Bay School of San Francisco


    Situation: The Bay School was founded in 2004 to be radically different. That’s a tall order in San Francisco, the global epicenter of radical movements and a city chock-full of impressive high-profile, high-powered legacy competition. At 16, Bay had never done any formal branding. Mindpower was brought in to develop a brand that was clearly Bay and build awareness by boldly communicating the true and deep value of a Bay education.

    Solution: Bay is school the way it’s meant to be: Brave. Located in the opportunity-rich Presidio, Bay’s approach to education is truly different – from boldly choosing not to offer AP classes to unapologetically incorporating mindfulness into the curriculum, insisting on a healthy school-life balance, and emphasizing equity for all in everything they do. The brand platform showcases daily acts of bravery that inspire new ways of thinking and being both now and in the future.

    Results: In just a matter of months, Brave has worked its way into the daily vernacular. Students, staff and faculty, even prospective parents, have wholeheartedly embraced their Brave. With new, intentional positioning, Bay is owning its strengths and standing out from the competition to capture more right-fit families and increase yield. “Brave” has even become part of the fabric of Bay with prospective parents.

    What we did: qualitative research, brand strategy and brand platform development, recruitment publications, recruitment and advancement marketing roadmaps, photo shoot, brand workshops and rollout planning

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