The Lawrenceville School


    Situation: Since 1810, Lawrenceville has taught students how to learn, listen, and be aware of their power to influence change. They graduate with the tools to make an impact on anyone, anywhere, any time — regarding just about anything. That's the Lawrenceville Effect.

    Solution: At Lawrenceville, “effects” lead to impact, which leads to, well, you get it? To show this visually, we punctuated the campaign with a rippled word mark to convey the concept. We launched the recruitment campaign with a viewbook designed to illustrate the balance between the School’s history and its progressive modern bent. Because, ultimately, that balance is what creates the Lawrenceville Effect.

    Results: Lawrenceville rolled out its new recruitment platform — earning a Bronze Education Advertising Award for its viewbook in the process.

    What we did: recruitment marketing strategy, publications, guidelines

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