UWF Housing


    Pensacola’s fierce student housing marketing left tons of on-campus beds empty (properties even mimicked UWF’s splashy style to vie for its student body). The University needed a stand-out creative strategy to not only attract prospective residents, but also turn its campus into a residential destination. Welcome to the ArgoLife.

    Mindpower positioned ArgoLife as the ultimate lifestyle for students who want to make a splash (reinforcing UWF’s recruitment campaign). If students really want to dive in, they have to live in the middle of the action. We launched the strategy with a housing brochure touting the splash-tastic perks students can only get with the ArgoLife – from waffle brunches and nature trails to hassle-free commutes and hundreds of athletic games.

    We developed a landing page where prospective residents can explore even more reasons to live on campus and read about real ArgoLifer experiences. And we updated UWF’s housing home page to include new ArgoLife language.

    Mindpower also equipped UWF’s housing team with ideas for posters, postcards, emails, tools to reach parents, a social media strategy (including ways to integrate ArgoLife info into its new recruitment medium, ZeeMee), and uber-cool extras for attracting – and retaining – residents. UWF built on that creative thinking to create its own suite of postcards, materials, and even a golf cart.

    The results? Splash-worthy so far. In ArgoLife’s first few months, UWF’s housing team saw a 34 percent hike in freshman housing contracts submitted in spring 2018 (compared to spring 2017).

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