University of San Francisco


    Situation: When we met the University of San Francisco, it had a strong brand expression in place: Change the world from here. What the enrollment and marketing teams needed was a clear strategy paired with bold creative to take that mantra and translate it for targeted prospective undergraduate audiences stretching from the Bay Area to Boston to Bangkok.

    Solution: We collaborated closely with the USF team to craft a plan daring in message and ambitious in strategy. One that would reach targeted audiences in a more vibrant, more compelling way. How? We leveraged the value and benefits of an academic experience in the heart of one of the best cities in the world. Where else can you find this level of energy, internships, and exposure to the cutting edge of creativity and tech innovation? Next, we connected purpose with passion, a hot button for GEN Z-ers and at the heart of USF’s Jesuit identity. We also highlighted the power of USF’s incredible culture and campus – one of the country’s most diverse. Strategies included plans for geo-targeting, Virtual Reality, and YouTube to get in front of the people USF most wanted to reach. And then we made it clear that USF is where you go when you’re ready to change the world.

    What we did: Recruitment campaign, deployment ideation and strategy by audience, digital advertising recommendations, social media ideation, creative platform, print materials, email and print student search campaign, storytelling plan

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