University of West Georgia


    Situation: UWG started out as a small state institution with limited residential student life and no true campus culture. The University didn’t have a big footprint – but its leadership team had a marvelously outsized vision. They wanted to expand the residential experience; attract students from throughout the region; and grow their traditional, non-traditional, and graduate student populations. They were looking to reimagine both their reach and their reputation. And they needed a bold new brand, one that worked at the institutional level and with all sub brands.

    Solution: Go big with Go West. Clearly, this was a place with a pioneering spirit – so we built the brand on the trailblazing spirit of the West. Mindpower developed a brand awareness campaign focused on the Atlanta metro area and targeting alumni, influencers, and prospective students. We threw down the gauntlet, daring people to make the less conventional choice, and a whole new generation claimed UWG as their own. Go West put UWG on the map and triggered expansion in every direction: everything from apps to enrollment to alumni engagement is up. Even the city of Carrollton has seen significant growth.

    What we did: market research, brand strategy, brand awareness campaign, media strategy and management, digital solutions, ongoing consulting to support growth.

    The latest: A mix of traditional media and data-driven digital advertising (social, cross device, YouTube, OTT) that targets multiple prospective student audiences – undergraduate, graduate, adult learner, dual enrollment, and out of state.

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